The Windward Way

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I found a terrible place that no one should ever go to.


On the Colombian Caribbean coast just east of Tayrona national park is this awful cabana called Barlovento built by the world famous architect Simon Velez nearly 40 years ago at the start of his career. At the very START of his career, so the whole thing is just an amateur attempt at best.


The cabana sits alone on an isolated point with its own deserted beach on one side and a fresh water river with views of the mountains on the other side. It’s basically the most isolated place ever, super boring, you will probably hate it.


Tayrona national park lies just on the other side of the river with some of the best hiking in Colombia. But, let’s be honest, hiking in the jungle is a bad idea. Lot’s of diseases. Don’t do it. Trust me I’m a Doctor!


If you’re smart enough to not RISK YOUR LIFE by hiking in the jungle than your other options involve things like laying around in a hammock all day looking at the ocean, or sitting on strategically placed chairs around the property looking at the ocean, or even sitting in your room laying in bed and looking at the ocean. I mean who wants to look at the ocean all day? People DIE in the ocean! Do you like painful watery death and being reminded of it? I didn’t think so.


For 90 dollars a night per person you get breakfast and a three course dinner included. But, let’s think about this. Let’s say the average cost for breakfast and dinner in the USA is about $30 total. So you have $60 left over for lodging. You could easily stay in like a super 8 or a red roof inn for cheaper than that. Think about the money you will save by never leaving the states, you have bills, car payments, college funds, you can’t afford that cost difference. Think about your children for God’s sake!!


The problem of course is that this place needs guests to stay open. So in conclusion I offer you this compromise, since I am such an altruistic individual I will actually come here every year for the rest of my days so you don’t have to. I will do this to help you avoid the stress, boredom, bankruptcy, and risk of near certain death that comes with staying in this cabana of doom! 


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