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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

What follows is a detailed list of what I’ve brought in my two bags. The attempt is to cover all seasons and still have room for my computer and camera gear. I tried to put the heavy things in the rolling bag and more of the lightweight clothes in the bag that will mostly go on my back. Two bags, both carry on size! I’ve given links to products where I can. When I was doing research on packing I found a couple great travel blogs, but really wished they would have given a packing list, but doing something like this also makes it easier if you ever have to make an insurance claim for lost personal property.

Osprey 60L Meridian convertible rolling bag 


-Ebags compartment bag with the following cold weather clothes

  1. -Patagonia down sweater

  2. -Minus 33 merino wool lightweight quarter zip

  3. -Marmot Precip rain/wind jacket

  4. -pair of cold weather gloves

  5. -lightweight beenie

  6. -Kuhl longsleeve shirt

Merrell protera (for hiking)

-Inov-8s for running, walking around town, going out.

-flip flops (not pictured)

-two shower caps to store dirty shoes in

-Camera gear ( In Domke F-XA green bag)

  1. -Fuji X-e1 with 23mm and fisheye lens

  2. -contour camera with attachments

extendable monopod for contour (quickpod)

-gorillapod tripod

-Small bag of workout/mobility gear

  1. -Lacrosse ball

  2. -voodoo band 

  3. -green theraband

  4. -small red rouge shorty resistance band

  5. -theraroll foam roller 8″

-Macbook air 11 inch with G-form water resistant sleeve

-Drybag full of powercords

-electric razor

ACR personal recovery beacon

-wire bag lock and zipper lock

-hand sanitizer

-ultrathon mosquito repelent

-assortment of small S-hooks and rubber twisty ties

-iodine water purification tablets

-First Aid kit (gallon ziplock bag with smaller ziplocks inside)

  1. cough and cold bag

  2. sudafed

  3. benadryl

  4. provental inh

  5. singulair

  6. claratin

  7. afrin

  8. Derm

  9. hydrocortisone cream

  10. burn gel

  11. antibiotic ointment

  12. metronidazole gel

  13. lipbalm

  14. antifungal cream

  15. blister bandages

  16. 25g needle

  17. bactrim DS

  18. band aids

  19. bandage with elastic tape

  20. Pain bag

  21. Naproxen 500mg

  22. motrin 800mg

  23. tylenol 500mg

  24. robaxin

  25. Gastro bag

  26. Immodium 2mg

  27. zofran 4mg

  28. pepto tabs

  29. biacodyl 5mg

  30. cipro 500mg

  31. prilosec 20mg

  32. high quality soil based probiotics.

Osprey Stratos 34L backpack 

-Large black e-bag

  1. -(2) lightweight shorts (prana zion shorts)

  2. -(2) lightweight pants (northface and Kuhl renegade )

  3. -(2) workout shorts

  4. -(1) sleeping shorts

  5. -(1) board shorts

-Green bag

  1. -(3) pairs of socks

  2. -(4) pairs of underwear (exofficio givengo)…amazing!!

-Blue bag

  1. (2) workout shirts

  2. (2) T-shirts

  3. (2) polo style shirts

-Toiletry bag

-inflatable travel pillow

-sleeping mask


-ear plugs

-headphone (shure 115)

-limeaid 28,000 mAH batterypack

686 tool belt


-sunglass case

-notebook with pens


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