Internal Medicine – Likes and Dislikes

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

 After my month of medicine at University I was went to Tulane hospital. The month was really busy more so than university. So I have thought about how I am going to write a synopsis about how the last month went, along with how medicine was in general. So instead of going on and on. Im going to try to  make a list of the things I liked and didn’t like, hopefully it works.

Things I enjoyed

  • taking care of complicated uninsured patients

  • Being in complete control of patient care, making the decisions and writing the orders, and not just giving advice to the primary team.

  • diagnosing and learning about a wide variety of diseases

  • having my own patients, and really getting to know them

  • Feeling like I had a somewhat important role on the team, even if it wasn’t all the time

  • Going to things like morning report, Tuesday school, and EKG lectures. Having more methods of learning than just reading a book on my own time.

  • Getting to watch procedures like lumbar punctures and central line placements

  • Getting to play with a scalpel and drain a diabetic foot wound

  • Finally getting to apply a lot of the things that I crammed in my head during second year

  • Helping patients understand their illness

  • teaching diabetic patients about nutrition

  • doing things the nurses don’t always have time for like giving a patient a backrub, bringing a warm towel, making a calendar for my one guy that was there for 8 weeks

  • interacting with different sub specialties like cardiology, neurology, radiology, etc.

  • learning how to get things done on your own, and not relying on ancillary staff, there is a sense of independence that comes with this and at times can be redeeming.

  • Having a great attending at Tulane that would make time for students, have give us lectures on whatever we wanted.

  • Having a great resident at University that was organized and efficient

  • Knowing how to read an EKG with some amount of confidence.

Things I disliked

  • taking care of complicated uninsured patients that refused to manage there disease once they were out the doors of the hospital

  • Being on call, and not sleeping enough

  • Not having a weekend off in two months

  • Having constant things to do, like going to class in the afternoon, writing presentations and case reports

  • The horrible nursing staff at University

  • Having a couple incompetent interns, and being scared that some people are doctors

  • The complete disconnect between the health care needs of this city, and the infrastructure provided

  • discussing small details about a patient at length that ultimately aren’t going to matter.

  • having a good opinion about something, but nobody listening because you're just the med student.

  • The fact that some attendings care about the med students, and some could give a crap, essentially the complete lack of standardization in the protocol for how attendings are supposed to interact with the students, and how much is to be taught on the wards.

  • Being bothered with scut work the week of the exam.

  • Working with people everyday that I would rather scratch my eyes out than work another day with them.

  • Evaluations that don’t make any sense, or not getting an evaluation at all. The general lack of feedback

  • Studying every spare second for a month, and still getting my teeth kicked in on the written exam.

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