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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The first two weeks of my month on Dermatology I worked in a clinic, which was actually pretty cool. I am kind of an odd ball with regards to the fact that I seem to enjoy being a clinic monkey. This was a private clinic that was not affiliated with Tulane. So they got a lot of private patients that wanted cosmetic/aesthetic work done. Needless to say the supply of eccentric overly vain middle aged women was no where in shortage. Naturally the compliment to overly vain rich middle aged woman is the overly flamboyant gay man.

I first noticed this guy when he was in the waiting room and he did this odd kind of double take at me (not a good sign). He was then put in his room with the chart on the door. I entered the room with the doctor who I was working with. Dr. Y is an elderly very compassionate southern gentleman, but he as a big sense of humor and is hardly ever shaken or embarrassed by anything his patients say to him. When we walked in the room the patient, which we shall call Bob looks at Dr. Y and says “ I originally had two questions, but know I have three. My new question is who is this delicious young man you have with you” (all said in the most gay inflection that would put the most glamourous of drag queens to shame). Bob by the way is about 65 and has had so much cosmetic work done that he no longer looks like his mother intended him to. The interview went on like this with slight innuendoes here and there, until Bob asked about his groin rash. He was perplexed by how he had gotten this rash. So he says to Dr. Y, “could it be from having too much sex?”. Dr. Y was clearly taken off his guard by this comment stumbled for words, meanwhile Bob turns to me and says “well what do you think? You're young and hung”. The shade of red that I inevitably turned was impossible to conceal, and Bob sensing my embarrassment like a piranha senses blood pressed on by saying “oh don’t be embarrassed”. My reply to this probably wasn’t wise in retrospect. Given the fact that I live with a bunch of girls and medical staff in general enjoy giving medical students are hard time. My reply to Bob’s comment was “Don’t worry, I get it from every angle.” His eyes quickly lit up, his gay inflection reached a new peak and he screamed “So this isn’t your first time at the rodeo!! hmmmm”. At this point I was one foot out the door ready to claim defeat. The point of the story is that Dr. Y did not let me live it down anytime soon, and he tried to use the phrase “from every angle” as much as could in the following week. He made it a point to zing me with it at least 3 times a day.

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