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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

So keeping a travel journal is hard enough, updating a blog without having a laptop while on the road is another story. Sorry to anyone keeping tabs that I haven’t posted in a while. The time that it takes me to write doesn’t fit too well with the cost of Internet cafes, and always being on the move, but not to worry I have been keeping a pretty solid written journal that I will slowly transcribe onto here when I get home. I wanted to give a quick update and just list bullet points about where I’ve been, more of an appetizer for future posts.

From Bali I went to Malaysia which was pretty boring so I skipped on over to Southern Thailand and did the beach/party/rock climbing/island hopping scene for about a week and a half. Went to Bangkok for a bit then went to Chaing Mai in Northern Thailand. Stayed in Chaing Mai for two weeks, rented a motorcycle and toured northern Thailand for four days, say a nauseating amount of waterfalls and temples. Stayed in Chaing Mai for the Thai new years called Songkran which was the biggest craziest party I’ve ever been to, blows Mardi Gras out of the water.

From Thailand I took a slow wooden boat down the Mekong river in Laos for two days to get to a place called Laung Phrabang, did the whole temple sightseeing thing there for a few days before doing what everyone comes to Laos to do which is to go tubing in  . Basically a bunch of drunk tourists on this river with about 6 bars spread over a short distance, filled with rope swings, trapezes, and lots of injuries.

After Laos I went to Siem Reap in Cambodia to see the temples of Angkor Wat for 5 days, think Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones. Then I went to Phnom Penh to basically learn about the terror that riddled Cambodia in the late 70s. Although they still have a healthy stock pile of munitions laying around and if you really wanted to you can shoot bazookas at cows. Some nice night life there as well.

For the last leg of the trip I'm staying in a beach town in southern Cambodia called Shainoukville and just chilling for a few days before heading back to the not so Big Easy.

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