Up until this point the arc of my life that has shaped my current semi-solid form has followed the trajectory of being a physician, flight surgeon, entrepreneur and traveler. 

In 2010 I entered the Air Force as a newly minted physician and flight surgeon. My four year commitment was spent with Special Operations Command at Cannon Air Force base. During this time I deployed five times across Africa and the Middle East supporting a wide variety of operational missions. I was fortunate to be part of some incredible teams and got to do some truly amazing things like shooting a 105mm cannon off a C-130 gunship in Afghanistan and helping to build a school for orphans in west Africa. 


After leaving active duty in 2014 I spent a year traveling the world exploring different cultures and medical philosophies. In India I studied traditional Hatha yoga in a 200 hour teacher training course. In Ecuador I had a glimpse of traditional Amazonian medicine with a fourth generation Shaman. 

After traveling I eventually settled into two clinical roles as a physician. I became a part time flight surgeon in the Air National Guard with an F-15C unit and I started working as a full time staff physician in federal corrections.

For four years I honed my skills in correctional medicine at a large correctional complex in Florence, Colorado. The complex at Florence is a wide mix of every level of security from a minimum security camp to the only federal Superman in the country. It was here that I felt I found my true calling as a physician. Prison medicine is an eclectic mix of pathology both from a clinical and societal sense. There is a great need for compassionate care inside the walls of a penitentiary and to deliver that care requires a certain type of stamina and fortitude that I not only find challenging, but oddly fitting. 

My approach to medicine has always been more holistic. Overall health is a complex arrangement of physical, mental and spiritual factors. In 2019 I enrolled in a two year fellowship in Integrative medicine through the Dr. Weil center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. My hope is to eventually start introducing these concepts into corrections. 


After four years at Florence I decided to make some pivotal life changes in 2020. I separated from my full time position with the Bureau of Prisons to take on a more part time role as a contract physician at different federal prison in the Midwest. Liz’s family mostly lives in Alaska so we made the decision to also transfer to the Alaskan Air National Guard. I was lucky enough to land a spot with a helicopter combat search and rescue unit out of Anchorage. 

Between part time work we also decided to spend the majority of our days living on the road in a newly purchased travel trailer. My current objective in life is to expand and explore both in my work, and within myself. Protecting ideals of simplicity while seeking and accepting waves of change are the mooring lines I'm trying to hold onto.